KL Heritage Walk With Nikon 1

Date Published: 1/9/2012
Category: Learn from the Nikon Pros

I can’t really remember how many times I have gone through this route. The only different is, this time I was carrying a rather small camera unlike all my previous trips which I was using a variety of DSLRs and lenses at different time. Walking through one of KL most busy, popular and notorious area I was feeling more at ease carrying just the new Nikon 1 camera in a rare morning of blue sky and sunshine. The weather during the last 2 months has been mostly cloudy and without fail it will rain in the afternoon throwing all our outdoor shoots schedule haywire.

I was attracted by the new Nikon I cameras when I first saw this sleek and minimalist body. Actually I am usually not fond of using small compact camera as I felt that I don’t have the control over the picture taking process due to the lack of features. As usual I was rather uncomfortable until I found that the Nikon 1 does have most of the features of a dslr camera despite being smaller. Taking the Nikon 1 for a spin walking through downtown KL I feel more like a typical tourists taking pictures of local sights and the best thing is the vendors don’t feel threaten when I took photos of their stalls thinking I am just one of hundreds of tourists that went pass everyday.

I started with breakfast in Petaling Street, having a bowl of porridge with thinly slices of raw fish at Petaling Street Famous Porridge. I then took a walk to the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple and Guandi Temple. Further up the road from the Guandi Temple, just a short walk away is the South Indian Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, which has been recently refurbished and is now sporting a new coat of paint and some new sculptures.

After finished shooting at the Chinese and Indian temples I walk across to Central Market moving toward Jalan Masjid India where I took some photos of contrasting buildings old and new. It is a juxtapose of old and new architectures making this row of shops houses looking small but defiant as towering high-rise building loom over them. Walking towards Abdul Samad Building I pass Masjid Jamek and ended up at the old railway station. The old railway station and the building across the road is one of KL most recognize landmarks. The old railway station had seen better days and is a shame that the old railway hotel is now closed and so are most of the shops but it still hold a certain charm that the new KL Sentral lack. The towering minarets, the arched walkways and windows are still attracting photographers to the once lively station. And I will still continue to document these places with my camera, as I don’t know when it’s going to disappear from our GPS.