Date Published: 1/13/2012
Category: Nikon Guidebook

Nikon Guide to Getting Started with Your DSLR (UPDATED 2016)

This guidebook is compiled and designed for beginners who have just bought a Nikon DSLR camera, looking to get started, wanting to know the operation, and understanding the working of the camera. It will show the inexperienced photographers how to take control, make creative decisions from a foundation of knowhow, know why and increase self-confidence is among the motivating reasons behind this guidebook. One will also learn the basic digital camera terminology, hobbyists, beginners wanting to learn and having a direction in their photography will find this guidebook most useful.

For new Nikon camera users who are frustrated by their camera manuals, for beginner photographers who have enrolled in our Photo 1 and Photo 2 workshop or those wanting to self learn, the explanations, diagrams and pictures will be informative and useful for you to acquire control over the camera. It is much rewarding to understand and know the possibilities, limitations and creative functions of the camera, lenses, by understanding how they relate to each other, to be able to master control of them will bring consistent strong images than occasionally capturing a satisfactory image due to chance. With the team of Nikon instructors, we have years of experiences in guiding beginners in workshops and seminar courses and the structure of this guide book is as close as possible to the teaching methods we have successfully used for the past years. It is meant to be used during the workshops instruction conducted by the staff of Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Nikon Centre Kuala

Thank You for Choosing Nikon.


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