Nikon SIG: Post Processing Workshop

Date Published: 3/13/2012
Category: Nikon Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops

Nikon SIG: Basic Post-processing Workshop

You’ve mastered the skills to capture a perfect moment with the right combination of exposure, lighting 
& composition, now learn the next step in enhancing the masterpiece in this post processing workshop. Tailored for photographers looking for the creative and effective post-processing techniques & proven method to manage hundreds of photos with minimum fuss. In this class, you will be introduced to the basic concept of digital image handling, editing and workflow to get your photographs out of your camera until the final output in your computer. We will help you understand the technical and creative decisions to manage, adjust, enhance and present your picture using View NX2, Capture NX-D and Adobe Lightroom. This workshop is suitable for camera users with little or no prior post-processing experience to explore the new world of digital image editing.

Pre-requisites [Prasyarat]:
1. Basic knowledge in photography [Pengetahuan asa fotografi]
2. Basic computer knowlegde is required (Windows OS or Mac OS) [Pengetahuan asas komputer]

What to bring [Apa yang perlu dibawa]:
• Laptop with working windows or mac operating system. [Komputer riba Windows atau Mac]
• (Optional) Your own camera, card reader. [Kamera, Alat pembaca kad memori (pilihan)]
• Writing material, notebook. [Bahan tulis dan kertas atau buku nota]

What will be provided [Apa yang akan disediakan]:
• View NX, Capture NX-D installer (Mac and windows)
• 30days free trial version of Adobe Lightroom
• Exercise material

Target Participants: Beginner to Intermediate