I AM Model Shooting Port Dickson (23 JUNE 2012) Contest Winners

Date Published: 7/25/2012
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

I AM Model Shooting Port Dickson (23 June 2012) Contest Winners

Date: 23 JUNE 2012 (SAT)

Time: 3.00 pm to 6.00pm

Venue: Pantai Cahaya Negeri, (Pantai Batu 4), Port Dickson

Congratulations to the winners of the walkabout contest! Winners will be notified individually by email. Any inquiries can be forwarded to nikoncentre_kl@nikon-asia.com.


by Hazize San (hazize)

by Kim Loong Chin (calvinchin718)

by Seak Zhang Hui Calvin (CalvinSeak)

by Ian Chin (IanChin)