A Celebration of Colours, Culture and Heritage with Nikon

Date Published: 7/27/2011
Category: Past Photo Exhibition

Date: 1-31 June 2010

Venue: Nikon Photo Gallery, Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur

On January 18, 2010, with the collaboration of Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd and  Futuromic Photo AV Sdn Bhd, (one of the appointed nationwide distributor for the Nikon prodcuts and service provider) the photography farternity witness the birth of  Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur. Located at the heart of the city, at Berjaya Times Square, it is the largest Nikon Centre in South East Asia and a one of its kind experience centre for Nikon products.

A Photo contest was organsied to commemorate this special occasion with  the theme ‘A Celebration of Colours, Culture and Heritage ’ inviting photographers to capture the elements of colours, the subjects of culture and heritage of our country in images.

As Malaysians, we live in diverse cultures, religions and traditions, as such, these are some of the values, we treasure and repeatedly witness in our festivals, lifestyles, religion practices, our homes which are uniquely Malaysians. Photographers were encouraged to capture these elements and subject matter, and to share with us their visual experiences.


We received a total of 1,671 entries after the closing date March 31, 2010 and the  judging was held on April 5th, at the Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur, the judges were Mirco Lazzari, our guest Sports Photographer (Italy), Azrul Abdullah, Ng Kok Leong and Hadzme  Mohd Jaafar.


The Winners for the Open Category are 1st prize Low Yong Seng (Johor), 2nd prize Yaman Ibrahim (Selangor) and 3rd prize Mohd Ghazali Kori (Terengganu).


Consolation prizes winners are: Ng Choo  Kuan (Perak), Lin Joe Yin (Selangor) and Siti Khadijah bt Kamarudin (Selangor).

The elements of colours are noticeably strongly highlighted in the pictures from Low Yong Seng and Mohd Ghazali Kori. Low’s winning entry titled ‘Colours of Malaysia’ shot in Putra Jaya is typical of a commonly choreographed picture style from a ground level.  However, it is the subject placement and the scale of size within the composition, the juxtaposition of the people,  the break of tones, the presence of unpredictable details and the gaze of the eyes of his subjects that overall caught the attention of the judges.


Mohd Ghazali Kori entry tilted ‘Faces of Kelantan’ shot at Pasar Beasr Siti Khadijah in Kota Bharu, Kelantan is a favourite photography ground for winning pictures over the decades. One can be easily overwhelm by the mass of stimuli surroundings in the market, if you were to visit it in the morning. The available lighting condition in this closed up market can be equally challenging with the sea of people that patronizes the place throughout the day. The inclusion of different shapes, colors and texture, the busyness in the composition provided the much-needed critical mass in the picture. It is a daily routine, properly of the same set of arrangement for the produce by the women vendors, not realizing of their act of contribution to the design of many pictures.


‘Pray’ shot at Batu Caves by Yaman Ibrahim is an astonishing capture of a ‘beautiful’ moment for a Hindu devotee in full ‘salutation’. The angle of view, the play of light, the choice of shutter speed and the tight composition brings the subject matter into live. It always pays to be observant, recognise the picture elements, and work with the moment to capture such visual experience.


A well-balanced composition of a group of Indian musicians in the foreground, performing against the background entrance of a Chinese cultural institution is Ng Choo Kuan’s take of a symmetrical picture with everything organized around a central axis and very much in a state of equilibrium. The contrast of the light, the placement of the subject matter of interest in the foreground works well, and has given depth to the overall picture. The white costume of the musicians has provided the contrast of the foreground and the break of any monotones tones in the composition.

Lin Joe Yin‘s shot of a mirror image of an opera couple performing against the contrast of a foreground of a person looks more of a last minute stand in musician ,beating along to the tune is a interesting composition. An opposite relationship or tension is established between the group of people in the picture, but both are yet associated and critical to the overall scene. What is interesting is that the photographer has cleverly included the props found in the scene into the picture, which gives depth to the composition. We seldom get to view or know of what is behind the backroom of such an event and this picture has given some of us of the ‘reality’ of things and the situation of an event.


A study of texture and pattern of ‘batik’ hand designing by Siti Khadijah bt Kamarudin gives us a an idea that the craft of ‘batik’ making is much alive and interesting to watch. To many, may not have an idea of the tools that are used and the time taken to such a task in the trade. The centre of interest is obvious in this composition, with the brief depth of field used, a viewer is directed to learn of the intention of the photographer at the instance of looking at the picture.

Out of the total entry, 205 entries were from the School Children and Youth category and the winners are: 1st prize Lim Tau Won (Kuala Lumpur), Kwok Zhe Yan (Selangor) and 3rd prize Foo Seh Kai (Johor). Consolation prizes winners are: Lee Hui Ping (Selangor), Muhammad Azizi Rosle (Selangor) and Andrian Tam Wae Jim (Selangor)