Photo 6: Special Interest Group - Landscape

Date Published: 7/27/2011
Category: Nikon Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops

Photo 6: Special Interest Group - Landscape

This workshop is designed on teaching the techniques needed to capture landscape images in the camera rather than relying on the computer later. Workshops typically start at dawn, and will often finish with us catching the sun setting in the evening. Each workshop is uniquely designed for people who love landscape and nature photography to take advantage of the best conditions possible for wonderful images. Advice will be given in metering, creative use of shutter speeds and apertures, choices of focal length, creative compositions, when and what filters to use.

 (Photo by Stefen Chow)

The workshops are designed to get you thinking differently about photography, to help you develop your artistic skill and vision so you start seeing light while you are out in the field and start thinking photographically. In addition to our time in the field each day, our afternoons will be filled with teaching, discussion and print sharing.

(Photo by Kacper Kowalski from Poland)

Workshops are designed to do two things; workshop locations occasionally change and each the locations will provide different set of challenges to photographer and  to give each person individual attention, so each workshop is limited 15 participants to allow plenty of time for some one-to-one tuition for the novice.  More details and the duration of each workshop please log on to or email

Pre-requisite: For those who have completed Photo 1, 2 & 3 or with a general basic working photography knowledge is required. A tripod is required for this workshop. Limited to a maximum of 15 particpants.