I AM Borneo Kite Festival Winners

Date Published: 10/25/2012
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Date: 29 September 2012
Time: 2.00 pm
Location: Bintulu Old Airport Sarawak

Much of thanks to the participants who had submit your entries for this photo contest and here we are proud to announce the winners. The winner will take home an I AM NIKON Tshirt and a exclusive Nikon Cap. An email will be sent to the winners on the instruction on how to claim the prize. Congratulations.

Melissa Chin (Meli)

Geoff Lam (Geoff)

Michael Wong, (wongsiong)

Mohd Khairul Abu Bakar (mkhairulfotosyn)

Wong Chen Ciang (I_AM_D7000)