Photo 8: Low Light Photography

Date Published: 8/3/2011
Category: Nikon Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops

Photo by Lim Thian Leong

Taking low light landscape or objects in a closed environment can produce some of the most visually stunning images, in full colours and atmosphere. Generally, lighting especially low lighting challenges you in two ways at once. To be able to understand and decide on the amount of available light that illuminate your subject that gives its own important qualities are emphasised, its has the right mood to meet your style and purpose. Second, often more difficult, you need the technique to make it appear the way you want it in the final image.

Hands on instructions and practical sessions are critical at every step of this workshop.

Hobbyists, beginners wanting to have a higher creativity and technique with low  light photography and to discover their own approaches will find this 4 hours per session workshop most useful.

Pre-requisites: Basic introduction photography knowledge is required or those have completed Photo 1, 2 and 3.

Course Fee: From RM80.00

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