KL CITYSCAPE / URBAN LIVING Photography Exhibition

Date Published: 2/28/2013
Category: Past Photo Exhibition


Exhibition Period: 1 MAR - 30 APR 2013

Venue: Nikon Photo Gallery, Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square

12 international cities, 36 artists, 12 themes. From January through December 2011, these were the parameters for a playground of diverse, fascinating, vibrant tales: Responding individually to a collective impetus, a host of hand-picked young bloggers uploaded photos, texts, and multimedia. Every month, they were given a new theme. Step by step, they created a kaleidoscope of impressions, opinions, ideas and… plain fun. 

The Nikon Shooting Stars photographers were invited by Goethe Institut Malaysia to be part of this international Cityscape Blogging project (http://blog.goethe.de/cityscapes/) in 2011. 10 photographers participated in this one-year project. 

12 themes were presented, one for each month from December 2010 until December 2011. These photographs were responses from our photographers to the individual themes interwoven with our daily life in Kuala Lumpur. While every cities may have its own public or even glossy reputation there may be different stories to tell: What is the untold story of this city? What does not become easily visible? Where do our perceptions of life in this city diverge?Each photographs here display an attitude of its own imagined facade of our city by the photographer. 

In year 2012, Nikon Shooting Stars project also gathered a new group of photographers to work on a new theme "Urban Living". This one-year project explores the personal relationship between the people and the city. Facilitated by Eiffel Chong and Azrul K. Abdullah, these 5 Nikon Shooting Stars photographers presented a mixture of public yet personal vision of our city. This exhibition allows the viewer to experience our city through the private eyes of our photographers.

Nikon Shoooting Stars Photographers (CITYSCAPE BLOGGING PROJECT 2011)
Erwin Chong
Faz Kamaruddin
Hirhaniff Tahir
James Valentine Singh
Lenice Loh
Lim Li-ling
Mohd Shazni Zainal
Munira Rohaizan
Lim Thian Leong
Mazlan Saleh

Nikon Shoooting Stars Photographers (URBAN LIVING 2012)
Brandon Lee
Harun Wahab
Alan Cheong
Calvin Seak
Brett Lavente


Photo by James Valentine

Photo by Lim Li-Ling

Photo by Munira Rohaizan

Photo by Brandon Lee

Photo by Harun Wahab

Photographers Profile:

Brandon Lee
a part time photographer that based in Klang valley of Malaysia. He is a IT graduate and working fulltime as a business planning and development manager.

He started photography on October 2011, covered various element of photography including portrait, landscape, street, event and also still images.  Some of his photos were exhibited in KLPF 2012, while his passion in photography is about capturing the moment of life and also the characters in life.

Harun Wahab
graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Westminster in London, UK and works as an IT Manager in a local power utility. Born in Petaling Jaya in 1965, he had enjoyed photography since his early teens and dabbled in black & white film development using his home darkroom equipment. However, it was only since the advent of digital cameras in 2000 that his passion and exploration in photography
grew. His familiarity with computers helped him to transit into the world of digital easily and he looks forward into what the future can bring for photography. His favourite subjects are familiar surroundings, places he visits, and people he meets. He tries to capture the essence of a scene, hoping it makes you feel as if you are there.

Alan Cheong
owns and runs a training company in Kuala Lumpur. His interest in photography developed from his desire to improve his photos taken during his travels abroad. Facinated by beautiful photos published in travel and digital camera magazines, he became obsessed with the digital camera and the craft of making beautiful photos. He focuses more on travel photography, landscape and portraits and his work has won a competition by a camera magazine and published as a two page spread.

Calvin Seak
Born in Subang Jaya in 1986, Calvin Seak Zhang Hui is an adventurous bold individual who loves travelling. Decided to get into photography recently just 2 years shy by first picking up a Nikon DSLR. He was fascinated and intrigued with photography but the pictures he took often did not turn out as what he thought it would.  By experimenting how photography works, his curiosity in photography quickly grew in to a passion.  So he bravely took his first baby steps into the world of photography, and like many beginners, the first thing he did was consulting other likeminded people on the World Wide Web, attend photography courses, purchase books, photo walks and so forth. 

In 2012, he decided to join Nikon Shooting Star, a mentoring programme by Nikon Malaysia which in time improved his photography skills tremendously.  A genre which he has never thought of getting into , the Nikon Shooting Star programme introduced street photography to him. The theme of the programme was “Urban Living” and that piqued his interest  greatly. His passion grew even more and decided to look up in to street photography and found many inspirational pictures taken by street photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson and his quote “The Decisive Moment“.

Brett Lavente
is a Computer Science graduate from Cal State Fullerton currently  working for an international bank. Born in the Philippines, his passion for photography was passed down from his father, who loved being in front and behind the camera. The works of Steve McCurry, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leo K.K. Wong and David duChemin inspire him. For Brett, a photograph is a static yet dynamic expression of the world and of ourselves. Though it captures a moment frozen in time, it is subject to different interpretations at different times. Brett is currently working on an 8-month visual chronicle of his future wife and the birth of their first child.