Date Published: 3/30/2013
Category: Nikon Photo Contest


Nikon Club member parents are free to post images of their children with any of the Nikon cameras on to I AM JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Contest heading under the Member’s Post Gallery. The theme for each month will be announced by the first week of every month until further notice, and posted images must not be any offensive or against the cultural, religious practices or morally unsuitable for posting. A junior member or parents are advised to observe and use their good judgement and be responsible for any images posted.

Images for this contest must include a child or children in the composition picture posing or be part of the subject matter with the announced theme with any of the Nikon camera models such as DSLR, Coolpix or Nikon 1.

Images are open to any form of manipulation and as long as does not offend any parties as stated above.

Any shortlisted winner may be required to provide his/her name and children name and contact details in order to qualify for the final judging of this Photo Contest I AM JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHER.  A winner can only win one (1) prize for a theme in a month. There is no restriction to the number of images posted for each theme in a month.

Each month, two (2) best images will receive a Coolpix S31 camera.

1st month theme: I AM NIKON FAMILY


How to participate in this contest:
Bagaimana menyertai pertandingan ini:

* upload your images to the "I AM JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHER" category in our Member's Post.

* Muatnaik gambar anda ke dalam kategori "I AM JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHER" dalam Member's Post kami.

Sila rujuk cara muatnaik gambar anda di sini. Click here to read the guide on uploading your pictures.