Nikon Club Get -Together 2 - Sibu (6 APR 2013) - CONTEST WINNERS

Date Published: 5/6/2013
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Club Get -Together 2 - Sibu (6 APR 2013) - CONTEST WINNERS

Date: 6 APR 2013 (SAT)

Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Taman Persiaran Rejang, Sibu

Congratulations to the winners of the photo contest! Winners will be notified individually where and when to collect their prizes. If you are one of the winners and have not heard from Nikon Club Committees within two weeks of this announcement, please contact us at Any inquiries about this contest can also be forwarded to the same email. 

Prize: Nikon Coolpix S100

1. Ling Kuok Loung  (ahloung2002)

2. yazid zieds (ziedsixtnine)

3. Tiong Sie Zin (austintsz)

Prize: Limited edition Nikon Thumb Drive and  a Nikon Coolpix Towel.

1. sean wong sing sing (wongss84)

2. Dr.Koh Ung Leong

3. Alphonsus Sakaria (Alfonso)

4.  Ling Jing Loon (ling_loon)

5.  Alex Tang Sing Fu (AlexTSF)

6.  Tetty Irma Abdul Shokri (tettyias)

7.  Liong lung chiong (ah-lung)