First Exposure Photography Exhibition

Date Published: 8/7/2011
Category: Past Photo Exhibition

Date/Time:  July 19 to Aug 29 2010,  Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm

Venue: Nikon Photo Gallery

Presented by Nikon Malaysia and supported by Epson Malaysia


Chan Swee Meng, Eunice Hau Yee Eng, Yong Chong Soon and Chan Kok Thiam are Nikon users and members of the Photographic Society Petaling Jaya (PSPJ) who have been energetically photographing subjects of nature and everyday life in the country for the past decades.

Photo by  Chan Swee Meng

This group exhibition is a first for the four photographers that portray collectively the strategy or happening of a decisive moment for the sole purpose of creating a straight image of their subject matters. Their photographs were the product of the creative imagination and the insightful, artisan like effort of the self-conscious photographic artist. In addition and more importantly, these photographer being seen in a new light about his or her responsibility for the work produced; that is, the content and rendering of the photograph seen to be reflective of the picture maker’s originality and not of the mere re-presentation of undifferentiated facets of exterior reality. 

Photo by Eunice Hau Yee Eng

What this meant, in practical terms, was that in these photographs, the subject was undividable from content and that selection was the critical gesture in picture making. This is in total opposite to the general perception that photography entailed simple observation, reaction and routine mechanical procedures.

Photo by  Yong Chong Soon

Photography was most often viewed as a chronological medium in which the photographer was the essential figure in a series of events that began with surprises and proceeded through action. The idea was that the recognition of what was photogenic caused a sequence of responses, the very minimum of which were the manipulations of the craft of photography that lead to the creation of a visual document. Although by this definition the photographer was not prevented from exploring beneath the surface of things to expose the significance of outer appearances, he was clearly not a participatory instrument in the scene.

Photo by  Chan Kok Thiam

Statements from Photographers

Chan Swee Meng
"My endeavor is to create awareness and understanding the lifestyle of different cultures as well as the beauty of the natural world through photography. Discoveries captured through the lens of my camera, gives me great passion to share with others the beauty and diversity of the world I’ve seen and to broadens one’s view of the world."

Yong Chong Soon
"In our everyday existence, either climbing the corporate ladder, working towards a goal, or just getting by, we sometimes forget to enjoy the happenings around us. People looking at my photographs tend to say that they have been there but did not see the image. I hope that these few images will encourage the viewer to start enjoying and interacting with their surroundings by constantly asking - how, where, when, why and what!"
Eunice Hau
"Our lives have always been closely related to “Mother Earth”, whatever happens in our pathways is no longer a stranger to our eyes. However, a photograph captures all the natural and decisive moments with soul and story to tell. To me, this represents a great piece of art through a camera lens."
KT Chan
“My first love was macro photography, however in recent years I have moved on to photographing random pictures of life, marvelous happenings around me, capturing that special moment and anything that attracts my eyes. These are the primary motivations for my shooting pleasure."