Date Published: 10/29/2013
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

In June this year, Nikon Club members were asked to post images of any subject taken that can express the theme I AM PRECIOUS MOMENT. Within the 3 months contest period, we have received 1,553 amazing entries for this photo contest.

Camera is often hailed as the perfect instrument to capture and preserve fleeting moments in time. The decisions of what, when and how to take the pictures rest on the shoulder of the photographer. A photographer's impulsion to press the shutter and record a particular precious moment could have been inspired by his/her love for life and humanity, kindness, joyous or melancholy experiences and many more. Many wonderful entries have drawn on a wide variety of subjects matters. From the many entries, our panel of judges have selected the winning pictures who not only technically stood out from the rest, but also expressing genuine heartfelt precious moments.

Nikon Malaysia is proud to announce the winners of the Nikon I AM PRECIOUS MOMENT Photography Contest 2013.

1st prize Vivian Low Lee Leng
2nd prize Nor Azman Shah Ali
3rd prize Wong Chew Choon
4th prize Khairul Nizan bin Ali
5th prize Shamsul Azwan Bin Ibrahim
6th prize Sidney Saw Lee Teng
7th prize Wong Meng Chong
8th prize Yap Kok Hing
9th prize Chua Cheng Yuan
10th prize Tan Toh Soon

  • Best Picture winner will receive a D3200 kit set with 18 -55 mm lens worth RM 2,498.00 and a certificate of appreciation.
  • 2nd Prize winner will receive a Coolpix AW110 camera worth RM1, 298.00 and a certificate of appreciation.
  • 3rd Prize winner will receive a P330 Coolpix camera worth RM1, 288.00 and a certificate of appreciation
  • 7 consolation prizes winners will each receive a limited edition Nikon tumbler, Nikon 1 thumb drive and a certificate of appreciation. 

Congratulations to all the winners. All winners will be notified by email. All winning photos are being exhibited at the Nikon Show 2013, ground floor, centre court, Mid Valley Megamall from 30 Oct - 3 Nov 2013.

Please forward all enquiries to nikoncentre_kl@nikon-asia.com

1st Prize Winner
Vivian Low Lee Leng

"I explored different angle to capture this precious moment of my sister with her new born baby girl and the focus is on the baby."
2nd Prize Winner
Nor Azman Shah Ali

"A school boy yawning as a sign of tiring. Since 5am in the morning, school kids has gathered at Dataran Merdeka to participate in the Merdeka Ceberations. "
3rd Prize Winner
Wong Chew Choon

"I always wanted to capture the most natural emotion/action through my trusty NIKON D7000, and it has never let me down."
4th Prize Winner
Khairul Nizan bin Ali

"Families First and Forever"

Family comes first, no matter what. Cause in the end of the day, they're always loyal with you from the start till the end.
5th Prize Winner
Shamsul Azwan Bin Ibrahim

"Pull..!! Pull..!! Pull..!! Moments where ants attract each other seems like they play pull the strings. Love it..!!!"
6th Prize Winner
Sidney Saw Lee Teng

"The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were precious in my heart.
I cannot wait for your first tottering steps, your first words...
I cannot wait for you ride your first bike, to spell your name,
Knowing that my Nikon is ready to capture every Precious Moment. "
7th Prize Winner
Wong Meng Chong

"Lay your troubles on my shoulder, Put your worries in my pocket. Nothing will hurt you, Cause I am your dad!"
8th Prize Winner
Yap Kok Hing

"A Lost Tribe of Forest People in Borneo ~The Penans With the continued rape of the rain-forest by uncontrolled logging activities, their once “paradise” is being taken away, making their survival a constant threat, their existence a myth and their extinction a possibility. My image portrays a Penan lady is having an intimate time with her two children."
9th Prize Winner
Chua Cheng Yuan

"Sometimes a simple thing can be different through a different perspective. You can choose to see the world in many different way, through that, you may find something, some moment that is specifically precious for you."
10th Prize Winner
Tan Toh Soon