I AM NIKON Annual Photo Contest 2013 Photography Exhibition

Date Published: 12/30/2013
Category: Past Photo Exhibition


The ‘I am Nikon Annual Photo Awards’ has officially come to an end. The judges have gone through the arduous task of sifting through more than 35,000 applications that came in from more than 25,000 members of the Nikon Club in Malaysia to select the winners of the top three prizes and the five consolation prizes.

Landscapes, people, Malaysian heritage, day-to-day street life and the environment – these were amongst the categories for which potential hopefuls could submit their entries. More categories were added into this annual contest this year to encourage photographers to venture out of their comfort zones and explore new ideas.

This exhibition showcases selected photographs from the winners as well as the finalists from this contest. Each of the photographers have demonstrated their ability to capture a wide varity of subject matters with exceptional technical skills. 

Participating Photographers:

Agos bin Alwi (Finalist)
Choong Zin Hao (Consolation)
Mohd Azli B Yah (Consolation)
Mohd Shahrulnizam bin Noordin (Consolation)
Muhammad Samsuri Amirie Bin Mohd Saleh (Consolation)
Muhd Fuad Bin Abdul Rahim (Finalist)
Muhd Isa Mamat (Finalist)
Muktasyaf Ibrahim AnNamir (Finalist)
Salehuddin Lokman (Finalist)
Shamsul Azwan Bin Ibrahim (Best Photographer)
Song Hieng Ing (Consolation)
Wong Chew Choon (Best Photographer)
Zulhairi Bin Mansoor (Best Photographer)

Best Winner: Zulhairi Bin Mansoor


Best Winner: Shamsul Azwan Bin Ibrahim


Best Winner: Wong Chew Choon