NCM Member's Post TOP 10 Photographers (AUG update)

Date Published: 9/25/2011
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Photo by Pogy

Congratulation to the top 10 NCM photographers! Our State Liaisons have selected their favourite posts and below are the tabulated results for the ranking of photographers for the most picked photos. There has been so many great submission onto our member's post that it has been a tough assignment for our State Liaisons to select the best work. We hope to see more great works from the members. Stay tuned for the August announcement...

Photo by Kennyng77

NCM Member's Post 

TOP 10 Photographers Leaderboard
(April to July)
Ranking Username Points
1.  Kennyng77 60
2. Pogy 30
3. azamalwi 30
4. Azhar Ramly 20
5. angbrian 20
6. asinqs 20
7. naije 20
8. shahreen 20
9. jwschow 20
10. sedi78 20

Photo by Azamalwi

Photo by Azhar Ramly

Photo by Asinqs

photo by Angbrian

Photo by jwschow

Photo by shahreen

Photo by naije

Photo by Sedi78