Nikon UTARA Photo Weekend Photo Contest 2014 (7 & 8 JUN 2014)

Date Published: 6/6/2014
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon UTARA Photo Weekend Penang Photo Contest 2014 (7 & 8 JUN 2014)

This is an OPEN theme photo contest FOR NIKON UTARA PHOTOWEEKEND PENANG 2014 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Participants can submit as many photos as one wish for this contest. Please read carefully the following disclaimer and Rules & Regulations. <How to submit pictures for Contest>


Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd , the Nikon Club Malaysia Committee, the organisers and agents of this event are NOT responsible for any lost of properties or injuries or life to any participants/members participating in this event. By registratingand signing for the event, you have read the terms and conditions of the event posted on the Nikon Club Malaysia website and you are fully aware and responsible for your own property and your wellbeing during the event. And you shall indemnify the Organizers and the agents for all damages incurred, if any.


1. This event is organised by Nikon Club Malaysia and open to registered participant of Nikon UTARA Photo Weekend Penang 2014 only. Registered members must sign in for the event to participate in this contest. By signing in, members participating in this event shall abide to the R & R of this event. The organisers and the Committee of Nikon Club Malaysia reserves the rights to make changes to the program or decisions on all matters relating to the event without giving prior notice.

2. This an OPEN theme photo contest. There is no restrictions to any form of digital manipulations.

3. Photos submitted for this contest must be taken during the two days (7 & 8 JUNE) of the UTARA Photo Weekend event. 

4. Members may contest for the prizes for this contest by posting as many images as one wish to the I AM UTARA PHOTOWEEKEND heading under the Nikon Club Malaysia Member Post Gallery. Please ensure each posted image is titled or labelled with an identification. Members are reminded that your user name is posted and your email can be contacted by the Club. A winner can only win one (1) prize. Closing date is one (1) week from the date of this event for the final judging of images.

5. After the judging, the panel of judges will select five best pictures and the five winners will be awarded one Nikon Coolpix S02 camera each.

6. Images (entries) posted must be taken by the original photographer and own the copyright of the images posted. The copyright of the image(s) posted remains with the photographer. Where applicable, participants must hold a model release form for models included in their images.

7. Should the contestants fail to fulfil Clause 6, it shall indemnify the Organizers for all damages incurred, if any.

8. Winners will be announced on the Nikon Club Malaysia website ( within three (3) weeks after the event. Decisions by the judges are final.

9. Copyright and Reproduction: The participants must be the original photographers and own the copyright of the images posted. The copyright of the image(s) remains with the photographer. The Organizers reserve the absolute rights to exhibit or reproduce any acceptable entries in whatever way deemed fit for exhibition and for any print based publicity and promotional purposes without prior notice, consent or payment of fee whatsoever to the contestants.