"Let Images Speak" Photography Exhibition, Nikon Showroom Kota Kinabalu

Date Published: 9/26/2011
Category: Past Photo Exhibition


Let Images Speak Photography Exhibition

Date: 1 OCT - 30 NOV 2011
Time: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Nikon Showroom, 
Warisan Square,
Kota Kinabalu.

With the announcement of the invention of the photography in the nineteenth-century, most people at that time accepted that the medium rendered a complete and faithful image of its subject. It is the desire to record, explore and catalogued human experiences, both home and abroad, which encouraged people to emphasis photography as a method of naturalistic documentation.

Because of the mechanical nature of the camera, photography was later seen to be more than a mechanical form of image making that it could worked on and arranged to produce pictures, which is some ways resembled paintings. ‘Pictorial’ photography took form and sough to overcome the problems (soulless, mechanical and repetitive with art) of photography by careful arrangement of all elements of the composition and reducing the signifiers of technological production within photograph.

Critics argued that photography is a democratic means of representation; it showed the world without contrivance or prejudice, it bears witness to the passage of time.

In later years, photography was a major carrier of modernism. Not only it dislocate time and space, but it undermined the liner structure of conventional narrative. Modern photography in the first half of the twentieth century offered a particular way of seeing. Further discussions of photographs rested upon on how it acquires meaning, the relationships of the image to reality, second, the importance of the interpretation of the image by focusing on the reading, rather than the taking of photographic representations.
Roland Barthes, a critic in his book Camera Lucida, describe in a every  photograph (image) the need to have to the element of  ‘punctum’ a reference to the cause, to signify, to represent, to surprise, to provoke desire. The viewers invest with ‘studium’, to study, reads the content, the form, details that lead to the viewer to connect and understands a photographer’s intentions.

This exhibition of celebrated photographers of different fields gives an insight into how today’s photography contemporaries think and work towards using images as a communicative visual language to speak out their own personal narratives. These photographers have a deep conviction in communicating ideas.  They recognise those visual clues that will reveal their conscious choices and thereby point to the heart of the matter – what the photograph means. They are interested in revealing how things are, rather than showing things they are, and their pictures often displayed that precise combination of emotion and reason that caused them to imprint themselves on our consciousness.