Nikon Photo Trails Race - Kota Kinabalu (1 JUN 2014) - WINNERS & RESULTS

Date Published: 6/29/2014
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Photo Trails Race - Kota Kinabalu (1 JUN 2014) - WINNERS & RESULTS


Date: 1 June 2014 (Sunday)
9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Nikon Showroom, Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu



BEST TEAM TEAM 6 Kerrilee Barrett
Chin Soon Li
Nor Aisiah Atikah Abraham Aucasa


Congratulation to all the winners. The winners for BEST TEAM is taking home a Nikon Coolpix P330, a Limited Edition Nikon 1 Thumb Drive, I AM  Magnet and I AM NIKON memopad for each team members  

Winners will be notified by email and by phone. If you are one of the winners listed below and have not received any notification within 3 days after this announcement, please contact Nikon Club immediately. Please forward all inquiries to

Tahniah kepada semua pemenang. Pemenang-pemenang hadiah utama "BEST TEAM" akan membawa pulang sebuah Nikon Coolpix P330, Limited Edition Nikon 1 Thumb Drive, I AM  Magnet dan I AM NIKON memopad setiap orang.

Semua pemenang akan dihubungi melalui emel dan telefon. Jika anda adalah seorange daripada pemenang yang tersenarai di bawah dan belum dihubungi oleh Nikon Club Malaysia, sila berhubung dengan kami secepat mungkin melalui email kami. Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan, sila menghubungi kami melalui


(Only answers from Best Team will be published)


Kinabalu, near the South Sea is Wah Mie's popular place for a tour and adventure and for some beautiful holidays, he and Kong Kee Hin, Supure, Hap Seng, Hj Ahmad from Melaka, Iskandar and Laila from Keningau will enjoy their time together-together lagi syok.

Since 1979, they love music, steamboat, roti john, the bee lounge, curry, cinta the Sabah rainforest and the friendly summer suites, ikan masin as well. Jasminan, a Kiwi and Queenie together loves the cool city of Kinabalu Borneo. With a green city car, they both will shop for Gevano, meet Raj, Rosel, Lubis, Amsall a traveller, who loves Ahmad's ikan bakar, the season pretty cake house, the percuma Astro, live seafood like candy, hairdressing, Mei Mei bag collection, Kimono, KK's local specialties, delicious, magnum at Pete's Corner. Pei Lin, and her sweet heart Ararat will buy an amazing Borneo souvenir, visit Jam's Cafe at a budget hotel near Borneo Business Centre. Jetsen a friend's tailor will invest in Nikon, call 15454, 24 hours convenient store, eat at Restoran Happy, a chinese Muslim Rumah.

Matthew and Paul, good people from Japan, together with Soon Chuan, Carino and Mayuri will shop at one-stop tattoo warisan. Jasmin, Wilson, Suria, Sakura, Swee Tai, Vynessa, jadi cowboy near safari, eat ayam penyet asia city at Lrg Wisma Budaya. They also enjoy orange fruit juice, more relax and reserve energy to go further at modern bazaar.


Task 1. Along Jalan Tun Faud Stephen you will find and get to imagine a landscaped garden at a podium together with a premium waterfront view with root top sky garden at a prime location in Kota Kinabalu. Together with your team members invite any members of the public to act out a creative composition with a "story". Be careful of the traffic!

Task 2. Further along the water front towards the jetties, you will find some sculptures of fishes, together with your team members and invite any members of the public to act out a creative composition with a "story".


TASK A -TEAM 6 ANSWERS (not in sequence):