PhotoMalaysia 4th Annual Photography Exhibition

Date Published: 9/30/2011
Category: Past Photo Exhibition


The Best of the Year

This is the 4th installment of an annual tradition for the largest
online photography forum in Malaysia to showcase members’ best works
of the year. 39 photographers have been shortlisted and selected for
this exhibition. We are very proud and fortunate to be exhibiting at
the Nikon Photo Gallery at Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur.

photo by chenws

With a membership base of more than 65,000 members, Photo Malaysia
caters to photographers with diverse interests ranging from travel,
landscape, birds, film, nature, street photography, black and white,
and many more. Thus, when we call for the best submissions from the
members early this year, it is no surprise that we received a wide
range of works each unique in their own way. This culture of
exhibition is hope to promote and encourage enthusiasts out there to
further pursuit their ambitions of capturing the best pictures to
share with the world.

photo by Troylim

We would like to sincerely thank Nikon Malaysia, Futuromic Photo AV,
Sandisk, and Epson Malaysia for supporting our effort in promoting
photography and this exhibition.  Lastly, Photo Malaysia would also
like to congratulate the winner and the selected photographers for
their outstanding works. These photographs will always serve as great
examples for those who aim to achieve greatness in photography.

~ Maxby Chan

photo by iswara88



Ahmad Jaa (fotokrapika)
Alex Chan kah Yong (Pixelpro Photography)
Ang Kok Weng (duniawayang)
Anthony Mendoza Barlan (thonytoons_12)
Brian Kho Bian Chong (dasolve)
Brian Q. Webb
Chen Wei Seng (chenws)
Chong Boon Tiong (Bitty)
Edward Khoo Kah Guan (edwardkkg)
Gerald Cheong (poyol)
Hazrin Yeob Men Shah (HYMS )
Heileger Ariel Legaspi (haclegaspi)
Jan Willem Mooren (Pointblank)
Jason Matthew Tye (Jeymatt)
Kelvin Goh Yong Boon (fotofreak)
Khairel Anuar Che Ani (perakman)
Kuan Chee Chung, Thomas (Hexlord)
Kwan Fah Mun (kwanfm)
Law Shue Yee (sylaw)
Lee Kim Hor (iswara88)
Lee Seesy (leeseesy)
Leong Chee Onn (jakeleong)
Lim Shin Wei (sherenelim)
Lio Jih Haur (jihhaur)
Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohd Herrow (firdausherrow)
Mohd Ishak Abd Rashid (esharkj)
Richard Seah (RichardSeah)
Rosaineh Suhaibul (dewikencana)
Steven Choong (9M2SC)
Tan Ban Eu (abettor)
Tan Lip Heong (Penguin55)
Tan Min Yaw (marc)
Ted Adnan Asmadi
Teng Fong Lin (EFFEL)
Thomas Leong Choon Hoong (^soulfly)
Troy Lim (Troylim)
Wil Thimister (YoWilly)
Yap Kwee Yin (jay-yudan)


PhotoMalaysia is the largest Online Forum in Malaysia and has a membership base of more than 65,000 members. The forum caters to photographers with diverse interests ranging from travel, landscape, birds, film, nature, street photography, black and white, and many more. also has a very active online buy and sell sub forum where members can buy and sell both new and used photography equipment.

PhotoMalaysia is not a money making organisation and has been supported by donors and sponsorships. It is a place where members share their work, and experiences with advanced digital equipment and post processing techniques. They have a very active “Newbies” corner where beginners in photography can seek advice on how to take better pictures.
The forum is unique in that it combines both online and offline activities. They have the usual online monthly, and adhoc friendly photo competitions. However, it is the offline activities that makes Photomalaysiaus unique. They have several offline programs that bring photographers closer to each other and putting a face behind the “nicks”.

Some of PhotoMalaysia’s offline activities that are organised on a regular basis are:-

1. Teh Tarik (TT) sessions where members meet regularly to catch up with the latest news
2. PMPE (PhotoMalaysia Photosafari Experience) consisting of a 2 days photography workshop and a “5 to 21 days of non-stop shooting” in some exotic places outside Malaysia. The program has brought PhotoMalaysia members to the Old Silk Road, unseen sights of Bangladesh, trekking up the Annarpurna range in Nepal, the sand dunes and Da Minh Lake in Vietnam, roaming the countryside in Siem Reap, awesome Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island, the beautiful and scenic Malapasqua in Cebu, Philippines, the Raging Bull race in Padang and many more. Most of the trips are capped with a coffee table book where members can showcase it to their friends.
3. Street walkabouts 
4. Model shooting events
5. Photojournalism walkabouts
6. Members Night where an experience photographer would share his photography experience
7. Photography Exhibitions

If you are not yet a member of PhotoMalaysia, you should visit, check out its activities, and maybe you can find your niche there. Membership is FREE.