Nikon Club Photo Trails Race - Miri (23 AUG 2014) - WINNERS & RESULTS

Date Published: 9/23/2014
Category: Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Club Photo Trails Race - Miri (23 AUG 2014) - WINNERS & RESULTS


Date: 23 AUG 2014 (SAT)
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Restaurant KFC 24hr, Jalan Bendahara, Miri



BEST TEAM TEAM 2 Yeo Chou Seng
Ngu Tai Hing
Thee Ban Khoo


Congratulation to all the winners. The winners for BEST TEAM is taking home a Nikon Coolpix S800c, a Limited Edition Nikon 1 Thumb Drive, I AM  Magnet and I AM NIKON memopad for each team members  

Winners will be notified by email and by phone. If you are one of the winners listed below and have not received any notification within 3 days after this announcement, please contact Nikon Club immediately. Please forward all inquiries to

Tahniah kepada semua pemenang. Pemenang-pemenang hadiah utama "BEST TEAM" akan membawa pulang sebuah Nikon Coolpix S800c, Limited Edition Nikon 1 Thumb Drive, I AM  Magnet dan I AM NIKON memopad setiap orang.

Semua pemenang akan dihubungi melalui emel dan telefon. Jika anda adalah seorange daripada pemenang yang tersenarai di bawah dan belum dihubungi oleh Nikon Club Malaysia, sila berhubung dengan kami secepat mungkin melalui email kami. Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan, sila menghubungi kami melalui


(Only answers from Best Team will be published)


Sophia, 90 years, live well from Singapore but now lives in Bario. Often buys a buffalo, Tiger at a classic bakery shop at Broadway. Together with her friend, Mary from Borneo, Crown Prince Louis, who often borrow Redza’s motorcycle, a Yamaha, they shop at Supersave, visits a deluxe barber saloon at Bintang Jaya.

Once a week, also joining them are Maria, Mirama, both 98 have a game of Chinese chess, drinks jasmine green tea, enjoys the Penang Lok Lok, ABC, Penang Rojak Kangkong Sotong, roasting fastfood, at the room.

Judson, Loves the makanan islam, fast food and western food at Fatimah Cafe & Catering. His wife Doris, is a public magazine distributor, a well known trading company at Brook. Their son Watsons goes to tuition centre at a Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. His friend, Mickey, Kahbo loves the sea view, reclining coconut trees, blue sky, blue sea at boulevard. They go to Golden Dragon stationary and book Centre, One Cafe, a new cafe at 360 and often go sport fishing together. Both goes on an executive travel, on KLM feeling cosy, lucky, watch the rising and amazing beauty of Sun Baker with a bright glasses. Another friend, Laitong, a big boss, a chef owns a general store Pelita at High Street No 2, not far from Gabriel Salon. Nearby is a shoe & bag sore, panadol is sold here, you can book Air Asia here too.

If you want to watch a running deer at snowy mountains, photograph lilies, leaves, like cafe, enjoy a orange health centre and a prosperous treasure hunt at One Inn, a blue wash harvest soon and a fiesta. This is it.


Task 1. At Miri fish market, Jalan Bendahara, find a stall and recruit any members of the public and pose creatively with the owner of the stall. 

Task 2. At the row of stalls in Centre Point, Jalan Melayu, or Tamu Lama, Jalan Oleander, find a stall owner and pose with any members of the public creatively.


TASK A -TEAM 2 ANSWERS (not in sequence):


Task 1:

Task 2: