Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Ardzwa

Date Published: 10/21/2011
Category: Behind the Nikon Cameras

Long exposure startrails - at Tanjung Gelang Port, Kuantan

How did you get started in Photography?

I started in Photography in year 1994 using nikon EM (film slr) with 50mm, F1.8. Usually taking my family potraitures. 2002, im using nikon F65 (film slr) with AF Nikkor 28-80mm and 70-300mm. i bought my first DSLR D5000 with AF-S 18-55mm ED VR in May 2009 and another DSLR D300s in June 2010. 

Toyota Celica (classic japanese mustang) with sunset background at Pantai Sepat

What range and models of equipment do you use?

I still using my D5000 (Shuttercount 77k) with  Nikkor lense AF-S 18-200mm ED VR1. Also, i use SB28 (previously use for my F65) speedlight which is compatible with my D5000. For landscape, i'll use third party wide angle lens such as sigma 10-20mm & tokina 12-24mm.     

Boat at Fisherman village, Tanjung Api, Kuantan

What is your favourite subject(s)?
My favourite subject(s) is landscape, building/architecture & transportation. besides, my favorites is moments & emotions...

Reflection at Taman Gelora, Kuantan - Night View

How did you know about Nikon Club Malaysia?
I know about Nikon Club Malaysia from Facebook.

Sunrise at Batu Hitam Beach

Do you have a favourite place for your photography?
Yes, My favorite place would be Sungai Lembing.

Reflection at Duyung Beach, Cherating - Night view

What do you like most about photography?
I can see from different perspective "its not what you see, but the wat you see it"

Long Exposure HDR Kuantan view from Tanjung Lumpur Bridge