Photographer of the Month | Wong Chew Choon | November 2014

Date Published: 11/8/2014
Category: Photographer of the Month

Commonlly refered to by his friends as CC Wong, Chew Choon’s passion for photography is unique and he holds a very personal view about photography. A proud Malaysian and a lover of our multifaceted culture in Malaysia, he roamed the street and many festivals around Perak with his faithful Nikon D7000 and D610. Inspired by a local photography guru, Mr. Foo Kok Kin, he diligently captures the many faces of Malaysian culture in his unique ways. Nikon Club Malaysia is proud to pay tribute to our Photographer of the Months, for NOVEMBER 2014, Mr. Wong Chew Choon.
1. Please introduce yourself to our readers?
Most of my friends called me C.C.Wong, and I'm from Bidor, Perak. I have been working as programmer, web designer, and computer tutor before. Currently, I managed my own GPS Navigation business in Ipoh.

2. How did you get started in Photography?
I started to like photography when I saw many great photos posted by my friends in Facebook, so many questions appeared in my mind, how these great photos were captured?

Taken this photo at Kuan Ti Temple, Batu Gajah, with my Nikon D7000 + Helios 58mm F2. As the title mentioned, I really love the emotion by the actor.

3. Please list some of your most notable (big or small) achievements in photography?
- I am Nikon Annual Photo Awards 2013 – Best Photographer of the Year
- I am Precious Moments Photo Contest 2013 - 3rd Prize
- I am Reading Photo Contest 2012 - 3rd Prize

4. What does photography mean to you? 
Photography is my hobby, and I love photography. I will try my best to go out and shoot when I am free, I like to shoot something common but in a very different way. I like to see and study other photographers photos. That helps me a lots to improve my photography and composition skills.

My first Merdeka Day photo shoot, and thanks to Nikon Club Malaysia for organizing the event. When I saw the the team carrying the big Malaysia flag, I have decided to chase for it. And, it's worth it even though I was very tiring after the chase.

4a. what do you think have changed in you and your life after you discover photography?
I see things differently, when I see something interesting, I just can't stop my mind to think how to capture the scene. I have learnt how to really see things in details, study the culture and festival in Malaysia such as Chinese Opera, Merdeka day, Wesak Day, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, many many more.

5. What range and models of equipment do you use? (which would be your favourite body or lenses for shooting your favourite subject? and which are for work? and why?)
- I have 2 Nikon DSLR – Nikon D7000 and D610.
- From 2012-2013, I shot mostly with my D7000 + kit lens (18-105mm) and Helios 58mm F2.
- In 2014, most of my photos are taken with my new camera Nikon D610 + Fisheye lens.

6. What's in your camera bag when you go out shooting? Which camera is your favourite for work and for pleasure and why? Which is your favourite lens? Which pictures best represent your favourite lens in action?
I didn't buy any camera bag as for now, I'm using the camera bag that comes with my Nikon D610. My favorite lens? Fisheye, 90% of my shots in 2014, are taken with it. The reason is, I only have Fisheye and 500mm F8 for my D610. So, Fisheye lens is mounted on my D610 most of the time.

7. Every photographer has their favourite subject and method, which is your? and why?
I like street photography very much, simply because I like to capture the moments that you may not able to repeat once you missed it. The natural emotion and expression are the encouragement for me too.

My 3rd visit to this chinese temple during Chinese New Year 2014. Mounted my newly received Nikon D610 + Fisheye on a tripod, waiting for the good timing to record fire. Surprising my camera captured a fire dragon. It's amazing sometimes we shoot using long exposure mode, something you couldn't expect can be captured.

When I was using a Fisheye to capture motocross event, I have to think how to make use of my fisheye lens, and to avoid too fishy photo.

9. Do you have a favourite place for your photography?
I don't really have a favorite place to shoot, but I like to go places that I never been there before. So that I can explore more opportunities/challenges for my shots.

Taken this photo with my D610 + 500mm F8 mirror lens, the intention was to capture motion picture with a mirror lens from far far away.

10. What do you like most about photography?
Before I started in photography, I am a normal person like everyone in life. Photography had giving me a new life to communicate with this world, it's not about distance but the way I look at my life is totally different. Photography is about life, moment, love, people, culture, feeling, perspective, time, or I would say everything.

11. Do you feel that your viewers or fans of your pictures are important? And how much do you think the viewers have influenced your way of making pictures? Do you take your pictures with a certain type of audience in mind? Who would they be and why?
I feel glad and proud when viewers enjoy seeing my photos, but that will not influence the way I taking/making photos. I shoot photos based on my own feeling and sense and that's my own style of photography.

12. Where do you find inspirations for your work? How do you learn in the beginning? Would you like to recommend any good reading materials for other photographers?
I normally read some related photography articles before I go out and shoot, and I also like to see and study photos from Facebook. I believe Facebook is a very good source to learn. Same goes for Google, it is always my best friend to look for something related to photography.

At the same time, I subscribe to several photography magazines such as Digital Photography Magazine, 摄影玩家, 旅游玩家, NatGeo Magazine.

Last but not least, my sifu in photography – Dr. Sidney Saw. He inspired me a lot in photography. He taught me from ZERO photography knowledge. I really appreciate and thankful for his kind help.
I always visit, I learnt a lot from this web site, and it provides very useful guide to beginners in photography.

13. Who can you described as a photographer you look up to or admire in Malaysia? Why? Do you have a favourite photographer in history that inspire your work? and why?
Mr. Foo Kok Kin is one of the photographer that I really respect and admire in Malaysia. His passion and attitude in photography are what I really look up to. It is not easy to keep shooting over the past 50/60 years until today.

14. You are an inspiration to many photographers out there? From your own experience of learning, what would be your advise to beginners to improve themselves to take better pictures?
Firstly, you need to understand the camera and lenses you owned. It's because every camera or lens has their own behavior, advantages and limitations.
Secondly, try shoot it differently, meaning try to compose an image from a different angle/perspective. You will notice the result might give impact to your photo.
Thirdly, when you are going to shoot something, for example ferries wheel / fun park. Why not go and read some articles/photography tips about ferries wheel? Remember, GOOGLE is your best friend. I always did that, and it helps me a lot.

15. What is your next goal/project/personal achievement?
To be honest, I'm still very new in photography, and there are a lots of things in photography that I need to explore. I won't stop here, but I will continue to shoot, to learn and to share.  I will continue my personal photography collection for “I AM” and “Life is short, I love life” series, perhaps 1 day, I can have my own photography exhibition. Finally, I hope my photos can have chances to participate in International Photography Contest.

Simple landscape photo taken with my D7000 + 18-105mm kit lens. Sometimes, simple is nice, we don't need to be too complicated in life. Life is short, I love life.