Nikon SIG :Studio Fashion Portraiture Workshop - Level 1

Date Published: 1/18/2016
Category: Nikon Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops

Studio Fashion Portraiture Workshop - Level 1


This workshop is ideal for user who wants to know more about shooting Studio Portraiture; it introduces you to the concept of online fashion photography and an understanding of how studio lighting works with your model. Participants learn the skill how to work with posing, the positions of light source and operation of studio lights. Hands on instructions and practical sessions are critical at every step of this workshop which will includes the following:


Setting up a portrait with a single light

•   Changing the quality of the light with simple accessories.

•   Placing the main light.

•   Using a flash meter and setting your camera.

•   Adding a second light.

•   Changing the quality of the light with simple accessories.

•   Light control accessories.

•   Hair/background lights.

•   Using a main and fill light.

•   Positioning lights and subjects.

Hobbyists, beginners wanting to learn and have a direction in their studio portraiture photography will find this 5 hours workshop most useful.

Minimum Five (5) participants needed for this workshop or will be postponed with a week notice before date of workshop.

This workshop is supported by Phottix lighting equipment. You will need to bring with your digital DSLR that can be set to manual (shutter speeds and apertures) with a standard Hot Shoe or a PC connection socket. Please Note: Digital compact camera is not suitable for this workshop.


What to bring :

  DSLR Camera (able to set manually).

   Suitable portrait lens 85-135mm equivalent.

   Memory card extra card and fully charged battery.

    Pen and paper.

    A Tripod if available.

The Instructor :

Louis -  
​Worked as a​
  technical engineer in year 2007. However, upon stumbling on photography, he pursued his interest with passion and  
​joined the Photo Imaging ​
   industry in year 2010. He is a friendly and happy-go-lucky person who is pretty good in  
​the ​
 arts and  
​capturing ​
​ photos​
 . With  
 sense of imagination, he  
 relentlessly  his journey in photography 
​ and ​taught more than 50 workshop nation wide under Nikon Club Malaysia.

At present,  Louis is a freelance photography​ ​i​nstructor, He is also a Fashion and Wedding photographer in several well known Bridal Shops. ​