Ladies Shooting Stars Photo Project Exhibition 2016

Date Published: 6/8/2016
Category: Current Photo Exhibition


Group and Project Intro
The Ladies Shooting Star 2015 consists of 15 ladies who come from all walks of life but share one thing in common – the love for photography.
Together and individually, the ladies spent the last year exploring ideas surrounding the chosen theme ‘Workspace’ – a space conventionally defined in the dictionary as an office or desk where someone works.
This exhibition is a culmination of the ladies’ work in the year. It is a collection of personal introspections and interpretations of workspaces.  

Annie Chan
My passion for photography began at a young age. For the past year, I focused on   cigarette butts. Countless cigarette butts are littered all over every day. They accumulate outside doorways, at the park and some get washed into drains. I find the stillness of cigarette butts very fascinating. Their strong lines, shapes and colours, together with the ground on which they lay, form interesting images.

Amanda Chan
My photography journey began when I purchased my first DSLR in 2009. My interests include portrait, landscape, pet, and travel photography. I joined the Nikon Ladies Shooting Stars Project to develop myself photographically. "Work Space" being the theme, I find it challenging to turn a mundane subject interesting. Taking this theme in its literal sense, I hope to portray the daily bustle and solitude at the workplace with this series.
Chia Yanni
I’m Yanni, a working adult and an observer of the colours of life. I am aspired to capture my observation through the lens. My work focuses on “Colours of Life” reflected not only through minute details but also the human spirit and varied emotions. I hope people can feel the sense of joy, ‘rat race’, harmony and hope from my photographs.
Widisma Win
I love travel and photography. I enjoy photographing all things. To me, nothing beats the joy of capturing incredible moments. I started photographing with a film camera before deciding on a Nikon DSLR. Initially, I focused on kid portraits. In 2013, my portrait submission was selected for Nikon Malaysia’s “Say Something Nice” photography exhibition. To be a serious photographer, I am trying out all forms of photography.
Jacqueline Loh
By nature, I am a deep thinker and searcher.  I used to pen the thoughts that run wild in my head down on paper. But somehow along the way, in the thick of a career with numbers while trapped in a cubicle, I lost my prowess with words. Thankfully, I found that creative freedom again, this time through the use of a camera. With it, I make my art.
Jo Quah
Hello! Jo here. Exposed to photographic diversities in 2015, I am excited to learn and explore the endless possibilities behind the lens. While I love to photograph everything, I have an ardour for heritage and local practices. Equipped with a sense of humour, I also enjoy volunteering photography services for a good cause. 
My “At the Market” is a reflection of my encounters while consulting and counselling at major retrenchment exercises.
Joy Chow
I have been working in an investment bank for over 20+ years. I enjoy travelling and taking photographs. Hence, I picked up photography seriously when I bought my first DSLR D80 in 2008. Since then, I have been joining photography trips and workshops to learn from the masters and to enhance my photography skills. Landscape and portrait are my favourite subjects. 
Karen Cheong
Started my photography journey in 2014, Photography allows us to preserved memories and special moment surrounding us. This “Working hands” series, I've captured the moment of the hands working on their profession for living. These photos remind us the traditional way of working hands with one simple common objective of "Earn a Living", unlike today most hands are on the device swipes for living. 
Leo Xuying
It’s Xuying. Or more like, Leo.
Though often the cameraman, it took me tons of consideration before leaping into photography seriously. Great images are created not solely by the equipment used, but also the intent and creativity of the photographer. My viewfinder has opened my mind and altered my perspective.
This series aims to highlight how having a different perspective can turn a seemingly dull workspace into a fun one. 
Margaret Foo
Hello, I am Margaret. I bought my first DSLR D7100 about a year ago and have since enjoyed taking pictures with it immensely. I enjoy bird, landscape, flower, food and travel photography and hope to bring my photography skills to the next level.
Nor Hamzah
I am 44 and work at the Ministry of Finance. Apart from fishing, photography is my other hobby whichtakes up a big chunk of my time and money. I started getting involved in photography during my teens and became seriously involved when I bought my mirror-less camera (N1V1) some years ago. I am into landscape and portrait photography. For this project, I focused on images of my current office.
Pamela Currie
“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I take tomorrow.” (Imogen Cunningham)
Being pushed out of one’s comfort level makes (hopefully) for better photos.
As a Canadian spending the last decade here in my adopted home of Kuala Lumpur, I try to observe different cultures using different perspectives. As an amateur artist, I enjoy exploring colours, patterns and repetition, and the search for an even better photograph tomorrow.
Patricia George
I am Patricia George, a homemaker from Kuala Lumpur. I started photographing in my teens using film cameras and SLR. I took up photography seriously after receiving a DSLR as a present and joining the Nikon Shooting Stars project from which I benefitted a lot. I love food and travel photography.
Sen Lee
Hi, I am Sen Lee, a newbie in the beautiful world of photography. Having bought my first Nikon DSLR camera in Dec, 2014, I have not looked back since. 
Looking through camera lenses has opened up a new horizon of beauty that I wouldn't otherwise see! And big thank you to Nikon Centre for creating this exhibition, providing me with this wonderful platform to showcase my progress in photography!
Serena Loh
To a photographer, there is beauty in a grain of sand, wonder in lines and patterns but capturing such beauty requires skill, practice and an innate ability to see it. To me, photography is a very personal expression and reproduction of scenes and people that tell stories, that reach out to the imagination. If I can capture the mood and wonder I had felt at that moment, then it's fulfilling.