Photo Challenge @ Library: Read Photo Contest

Date Published: 4/15/2017
Category: Club Activities

Photo Challenge @ Library: Read




Date : Sunday, 23 April 2017

Time :  8 AM - 1 PM

Location : Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Perak, Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh



8 AM - 9 AM : Registration and Briefing

9 AM - 11 AM : Photo Challenge @ Library : Read

11 AM - 12 AM : Pictures submission by Participants at Counters provided.

12PM - 12.30 PM : Photo Judging by Panel of Judges.

12.30 - 1 PM : Price Giving for the winners and goodies for the participants 




While the pictures submission is on going, there are two (2) talks that also will be held at the same time. Participations who already done for their picture submission can join either talks provided as below : 



11 AM - 11.30 AM :  "I AM PHOTOGRAPHY"  talk by CC Wong

11.30 AM - 12.00 PM : Drone Talk and Demonstration




Rules, Terms and Conditions:


1. This contest is OPEN to all individual that registered as Photo Challenge @ Library: Read 2017 participants. The registration will be open to public on the day of event from 8AM – 9AM at Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Perak, Ipoh. (Please refer the program’s tentative)

All types are cameras are allowed including SLR, DSLR, Compact or Smart Phones.

No fees for each photo/picture entries

Photo/Picture must be original following the READ theme.

Participants can submit as many photo/picture entries but only be winning one (1) prize only.

Only picture that include talent/model that have been provided by organizer deserve for contest.

Pictures must be taken in the location and while Photo Challenge @ Library: Read 2017 being held, around Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Perak, Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh from 9 AM – 11 AM on Sunday, 23 April 2017.

Touch Up of Photo in minimum is allowed in intention of adjusting the color brightness, softening or sharpening and cropping.

Participants are allowed to include any caption in the photo/picture to create more impact on the picture displayed.

Photo/ picture must be in JPEG format and in 300 dpi resolution. File size 3MB, complete with Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), in 24” x 36” size without boarder.

The pictures submission of the contest will be on the day of the event. The counter of submission will be open. 

All pictures that submit for contest will not be returned, will be organizer ownership and can be use for any purposes.

Organizer are allowed to re use, edit, published or exhibit photo / picture in any media format either local or international without any further notice or payment to     participants.

The same Photo/ Picture that has been submitted can’t be use for any other program, activity, exhibition and contest.

The appointed Panel of Judges by the judges will judge Photo/Picture based on themes, composition, originality, creativity and the best photography technique applied.

Organizer have right to canceled any participation if it’s violate any rules, term and conditions that have been set.

The Judge’s decision is final and all correspondence is not treated

With submission of the entry, participants are agreed with the terms, conditions and all rules that have been assigned and will not do any claims to Perbadanan   Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Perak or any other agencies involved.

For more info, please do visit (Photo Challenge at Library : read) Facebook :