Conducting Photographic Historical Process - An Introduction - The Albumen & Salt Print

Date Published: 2/19/2019
Category: Nikon Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops


Brief for Conducting Photographic Historical Process,



This brief proposal are intended to introduce an image-making photographic journey as it was done in the 19th Century methods.

The objective be for the participants to understand the methods, the material needed in making on of the earliest photographic paper print out processes.

As this is method utilises silver, one of the noble metal, as a base to the sensitising process, this will render this image-object as a piece of tangible ‘heirloom’ that will last through time. Let us extend further in utilising the past methods for the future.

It will beneficial for the participants to explore and understand these form of image-making processes, thus creating a deeper appreciation into many facet in traditional hand-made image-objects. 

By educating and bring forward the interest in the participants, this will begin to place a foothold into photo-historical processes, in which could further develop for more valued research material and further appreciation and understanding of the said material.

About the Instructor

Dr. K. Azril Ismail was a lecturer from the Department of Photography & Creative Imaging, Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM Shah Alam. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy for his visual studies aof the Pudu Jail’s Graffiti from the University of Plymouth & Graduated with MA in Art & Design (Fine Art & Technology) and a BFA in Media Studies from Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio. 

His previous large scale installation works turned publication; the “Iron Dragons of Malaya” (Project IDoM), which describes the missing heritage of the Malaysian railway life, was a prominently shown in KLPac in 2009; & with various other group exhibitions that took him across international level from Singapore to Tokyo, Istanbul and New York. His works are in current collection of private collectors and governmental bodies.

He is currently pursuing in the arts of early 19th Century Photographic Processes; particularly on the daguerreotype and the wet plate Collodion process. These past image-making techniques became as his method alongside utilising contemporary material studies, became as a new chapter in his visual journey. 

Further works could be seen over at his website: Follow him as well on his journey over in Instagram @agno3solution and Facebook (K Azril Ismail; & agno3solution).


Dr. K. Azril Ismail


The Albumen & Salt Print Process, An Introduction

Workshop Description

Explore the techniques in historical photographic process before the era of manufacturer photographic papers as how it was done by the early pioneers in the photographic historical processes.

These few example in the early photo-historical techniques had captured the hearts of romantic past where hand-made prints of portraits, still lifes, and landscapes of the exotic people and places were made.

We will discuss the history, methods, techniques and hands on practise into image-making with these processes. The methodologies instructed will utilise similar ingredients and methods just as how it was done in the 19th Century.

Participants will be furnished with manual and guidance during the workshop.

As an added value, after workshop guidance could be done after the workshop ends for further advise and technical help by the instructor via social media platform.

Number of Participants' Enrolment 

Minimum of 6, towards maximum of 12 participants for comprehensive instruction, and to focus on health and safety practice.

Instructor's  Email

Website Reference

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9:00 am         INTRODUCTION

        Slides Covering the Historic Research, exploring the        terminologies, tools and equipments utilised in the 19th Century

        Physical Examples of Salt Print, Albumen Print, & Clear Glass                            Negatives 

9:45 am Coverage on Health and Safety Practise, overview of   

                        Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all chemistries used.

10:00 am         Chemical Introductions:

Guide to Salt Print, 

The Negatives

11:00 am          Short Break

11:30 am         Chemistry Preparations & Workflow

12:15 pm         Sizing the Papers

1:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm Sensitising the Papers

3:00 pm Developing out the Salt Papers

4:30 pm Fixing the Images

5:15 pm Washing

6:30 pm Dismissal



9:00 am Overview of expected works

9:30 am Preparing the Albumen Salt & Sizing

10:45 am         Short Break

11:30 am         Continue Practical Sessions

1:00 pm Lunch Break

2:30 pm Preparation of traditional Beeswax coating

3:00 pm Finishing & Final Coat

5:30 pm Wrap up & Discussions, troubleshooting, Q & As

6:00 pm Workshop ends

Overview of the ALBUMEN & SALT PRINT Workshop


Learn and make historical process in making albumen and salt print.

Participants will be guided step-by-step through the 19th Century printing processes as how it was done in 19th Century.

Included a workshop manual instructions on mixing chemicals and advice on equipments.

Participants will be able to make the prints themselves to take home by the end of this workshop. All equipment including the chemistries will be provided. 

Sample negatives will be prepared; though participants are most welcome to bring their own Black & White Negatives to try with this printing processes.

Digital negatives could be brought in as well, though it will not be covered in regards to the preparations due to the time constraints for workshop

It would be advised this workshop to be attended to by adults. If participants are of minor age are interested, an adult presence, either parents and/or guardians' supervision will be required.


The two days course will be RM 450 per participant, which includes the Instructor’s fee and prepared materials. 

It would be recommended for the workshop at a maximum of 12 students. Participants are recommended to register soon to insure a place in this open invitational for the said workshop.

Participants will not need any prior photographic darkroom experience to make this unique photo-historical based process.

Experience with the analogue camera practise and paper based art practitioner helps, but not essential.

Equipments & chemicals are available for use, including glass plates and sensitising chemicals; participating are encouraged to bring their negatives as well, recommended size are anywhere between medium format size to 4x5. 

Participants will bring back at least 3 prints back with them to be hung onto their walls with pride and joy; marking the day that they could still make images with their own hands in this day and age.


For registration, please contact Dr K.Azril at this number :

+6019 605 4905

Payment can be made at this account : 

Azril K Ismail


1686 2100 2221